Types of Exercise Bikes

If your new to exercise or the cycling world you may be wondering what are the different types of exercise bikes that are available to the market.

There are mainly two kinds (upright and recumbent) and believe it or not both have a set of pedals 🙂

The first type of exercise bike is the upright version.

Upright Exercise Bike

This is the typical bike position you see people who ride bikes like on the tour de france use.

Within this large range of bikes there are a variety of different brands of which come with their own combination of features such as digital display, pulse readout, power meters and more.

wattbikeIf I had my choice and the money for it I would go out and buy a watt bike but these come at a hefty price. You would be doing well to find one at €1500 second hand put it that way. I would be heavily geared towards performance hence my decision but the type of bike for you depends on your own personal goals and budget of course.

The other type of exercise bike you will find are the Recumbent exercise bikes

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

recumbent exercise bikeRecumbent bikes are designed like a recliner chair and if you think about it it takes a lot of stress off the body and allows for a much less aggressive position while exercising.

Recumbent bikes are excellent for elderly people of people that have joint soreness etc.

These types of exercise bikes are much easier to mount and provide more comfort while pedaling also.

My choice

What I like to do is use my road bike when out and about especially when the weather is nice. It is really nice when the air is blowing and it helps to keep you cool.

Also the constant changing of scenery will help you keep your sanity rather than staring at the wall or ground like when your on you indoor trainer 🙂

However there are some days especially in winter where you would not even let your dog outside in let alone go out on your bike. For these days I like to use my turbo trainer which is only a cheap one but it does the Job. I use the Mag 5 and the only downside I find with it is that it is very noisy.

Don’t let the noise put you off buying a turbo however, that is only because my turbo is a magnetic one. If you buy the fluid turbo trainers these are silent but more expensive obviously.

If you do not know what a turbo trainer is its a device that you put your road bike onto and you can then cycle away in a stationary position. They do this by engaging the rear wheel or in some cases you take the rear wheel of the bike off and wrap your chain around a cassette that is built onto the turbo trainer.

rollersAnother cool gadget I like to use are rollers.

Obviously you will need a road bike to utilize this piece of equipment but they are quite cheap and not noisy and they will allow you to train indoors.

They are especially good for moderate exercise while they do not have much resistance they do give a very real world feel as your bike will move around

rollers accident

in the same way as it does on the road.

If you are looking for an exercise bike that will improve your handling while indoors this is the choice.  You just need to be careful you don’ fall off! 🙂

You can watch this nice video which explains how you can choose your ideal turbo trainer.

When I am training indoors I find that I overheat a lot and sweat a lot and I even have a fan that I turn on beside me to keep me cooled off. You will not be able to train comfortably (especially your high intensity sessions) without this as you will be overheating a lot trust me.

My recommendation

If you want to buy a stationary exercise bike that is recumbent or upright try and buy one with a integrated fan or have a space beside where you intend to have the exercise bike where you will plug in your fan. Make sure there is a plug socket nearby where you intend putting your exercise bike.

In most cases though these bikes will not have this feature and be prepared for this and to buy a fan if needed.

Most gyms will have both types of exercise bikes so you will be able to train on them and decide which type of exercise bike you prefer.

I do not like using the ones in the gyms because usually they do not have fans and I can only do low intensity workouts as i tend to burn up if i go high intensity 🙂

There is no point going out buying a recumbent exercise bike if you find out later you are more happy on an upright bike.

If you are an older person I would not let that sway your decision to buying a recumbent exercise bike just because they are easier to mount and provide a more relaxed posture while exercising. There are many older guys and women in my cycling club who ride road bikes (which are upright exercise bikes) without any bother at all.

You should also take into consideration whether you will be training indoors only or both indoors and outdoors. If you are training outdoors on your road bike also I would recommend buying a turbo trainer to mount your bike indoors like I do. Advantage of doing this is that you will keep the same bike fit and reduce the likely hood of injury. Or you could have a separate upright exercise bike for indoor training its up to yourself.

Exercise bike additional features to look for when buying

With each type of exercise bike you will find common gadgets such as display readouts.

Its really important especially if you are trying to get fitter to have some sort of feedback from your machine as to tell you how much you are suffering etc.

Features that I would look for at a minimum would be pulse/ heart rate, calories burned, distance, time.

With any type of exercise bike you buy that has a display these features should be common enough.

It is good to have a metric value so that you can compare your sessions and track progress effectively.

Pedals is critical, make sure you are happy with the pedal design, after all this is where the power will be transmitted to the bike and if its a poor fit or bad design for you it could cause injury. Make sure you are happy with the kind of strap used and its design.

If you have a road bike you probably have a pair of road shoes with cleats. Most exercise bikes will allow you to install your own pedals too so keep this in mind incase you decide to upgrade the pedals in the future. Its easier to buy new pedals rather than a new exercise bike.


There is one other type of exercise bike that you can buy and it is for when you are sitting down at work or at home believe it or not. These are called desk bikes.



I hope I have given you plenty of information regarding the different types of exercise bikes that are available to purchase. One thing I would say is to keep an open mind when looking for one and think ahead interms of whether you will be upgrading etc. Look at cost and look at quality and also ease of use. Think of the people around you if you are training indoors and pick a quiet trainer if you think you need to.


All You Need To Know About Lactate Threshold and Cycling

As a cyclist, or even a triathlete, there’s a big difference between allowing your body to perform at its peak and just simply doing your best.

Knowing your limit can be the key to surpassing it. For athletes, this is very important. That’s why every endurance athlete like a cyclist or triathlete needs accurate physiological data to guide and monitor their training.

One of those commonly used markers is lactate threshold. This is an effective performance markers used by many athletes and coaches. The logic to this performance marker is to learn the highest intensity at which you race and train before hitting the wall from high levels of blood lactate.

Elite endurance athletes and coaches know the key to success is to increase sustainable power (in other words, surpassing your limit) on the bike and speed while running at lactate threshold.

What Is Lactate Threshold?

To put it simply, lactate is your body’s buffering agent. It neutralizes the acid that builds up in your legs and allows your body to burn them during heavy exertion.

So the harder you push the pedal, the faster the acid accumulates. So as you keep doing that, your muscles will generate more acid than you can neutralize and your searing muscles will force you to ease up or stop. So technically, the point at which you begin to accumulate acid more quickly than you can dissipate it is your lactate threshold.

Your body also has the ability to reuse the lactate and it is converted back into reusable energy within the liver. You can increase your lactate clearing capabilities by using the right exercise pattern which I will get onto.

Why Does Lactate Threshold Matter?

As you can see, your lactate threshold essentially defines the upper limit of your sustainable efforts in training or even in competition.

Once you reach the point where you rely more heavily on your glycolytic system for energy, then you’re exercising on borrowed time. You should try and save precious gylcogen and carbs for the sprint finish or defining moments of a race. The winner of a race usually isnt the strongest but is the one with the most energy left at the end. The longer time you can keep with the pace under or at your threshold the better chance you have of winning in the end. Therefore increasing your LT is like  the holy grail of cycling.

When blood lactate accumulates, it will hinder your muscles’ ability to contract and forcing you to slow down or even stop. So naturally, the more work you can do before you reach your lactate threshold, the better. That will translate into better results.

Think of it this way, if the pace you can hold at your lactate threshold is higher than the pace your competitor can hold at his or her lactate threshold, then you will go faster and reach the finish line first.

You could say that it is the scientific formula to winning endurance races. Also, when you are able to do more work at lactate threshold, you will be able to maintain a lighter pace a lot easier. All the while, your rivals will be burning energy fast, riding at their limits, while you are keeping pace with them and relying primarily on your aerobic system.

This will allow you to save valuable energy that you can use for the final push of the race, where your competitors are all gassed up and you are just preparing to move a gear higher.

How Do You Find Your Lactate Threshold?

Now that you know what lactate threshold is, of course you want to know how to find your lactate threshold. It is the first step to improving. You can find your lactate threshold by doing a DIY time trial.

To find your lactate threshold you have 2 options

  1. Go to a Performance lab and perform a ramp test where you will have samples of blood taken at the end of each test increment of the test. Usually these tests increase in 30 watt blocks and for me started at 120 watts.
  2. Go out on open road and ensure you will not be interrupted for 30 minutes or use you turbo trainer in the house, I prefer this method because it is more controlled and you will not have to deal with and cars or traffic. You need to cycle as hard as you possibly can for 30 minutes and when you are analysing your data you should exclude the first 10 minutes of the test and take the average Heart rate for the final 20 minutes.

My Lab tests

You can notice how on my lactate curve in the first graph the lactate level increases significantly early on from around 180 watts but after winter training you can see that there is no significant rise until around 270 watts

lactate threshold
Unfit and results after 6 month break – new baseline
Post 12 weeks winter training

How Do You Increase Your Lactate Threshold?

Now that you know what your lactate threshold is, the next step is to improve or increase it. Even though lactate threshold is partially genetic (just like all things body related), it’s also quite trainable.

You can increase it by systematically pushing your limits. By doing so, you will allow your body to become more efficient at clearing and buffering lactic acid.

The secret to this is riding that very thin line between the point where you can ride comfortably for hours and the point where you can sustain only a few minutes before frying.

These drills are designed to raise your lactate threshold. You can choose one drill per workout and do the training no more than two days a week and not on consecutive days, to avoid burn out.

Steady State Intervals (3 x 20 minutes at Lactate Threshold with 5 minutes easy between each interval) 2-3 times weekly

Do a warm-up ride for 10 minutes at zone 1/2

20 minutes at Lactate threshold but don’t go over your Lactate threshold. Try to stay a bit below it and bounce off it and back down. If you can try stay within 5 beats of it.

now do 5 minutes easy at Zone 1/2 (your body will be clearing the lactate during this time and recovering and its highly important that you use this time to recover and try and use the entire zone 1/2 range so the body becomes efficient at clearing the lactate through this range)

20 minutes at lactate threshold and higher but stay within 5 beats don’t go higher if possible. I always found this to be the most mentally demanding stage of the workout and you will be breathing very heavy and you body will be screaming at you telling you to stop but you must keep going.

Now easy riding for another 5 minutes remember to float through zone 1/2 (for example my zone 1 was 130-140 and my zone 2 was 140-154 so during the 5 minutes easy I would reduce heart rate to 130 and gradually bring it up to 154 before starting the next 20 minute interval)

20 minutes just below your lactate threshold

do a cool down around 10 minutes easy riding and relax eat and rest 🙂

Lactate clearance ( once per week) 9 min easy 1 min sprint x 6

To improve the bodies ability to clear and reuse lactate use the following exercise

On the turbo or out on the road (does not need to be quiet although it is preferrable) do a normal warm up around zone 1/2 for 15 minutes.

This exercise in total will last for approximately 1.5 hours.

after you warm up do a 1 minute sprint as hard as possible (you will feel like vomiting at the end of it)

Reduce effort to zone 1/2 for approximately 10 minutes and then complete another 1 minute sprint. AGAIN  it is essential that you ride easy when completing recover intervals.

Repeat this exercise 6 times before completing your warm down.

Easy Spin 4 hours

Often over looked but I found this one so beneficial and gives the body time to recover and improve. Don’t exceed zone 2 on this ride

Once per week you should go for a long spin 4 hours plus. This is great to get the body used to running on fats and used to longer rides in general, if you are trying to lose some weight you can have the first hour of the spin fasted this works very well. I was able to get my body fat % down to 7 percent using these exercises and that’s pretty good for an rookie with a full time Job 😉

So there you go. These are all the basics about lactate threshold and cycling. Remember, the higher your lactate threshold, as a percentage of aerobic capacity, the faster you will be able to ride a bike. So, as a cyclist, it is important to gradually increase your lactate threshold to improve your performance.

The 5 Best Turbo Trainers For Indoor Training

Making sure that your cycling performance doesn’t dip is possible even if you don’t have time to go out to train and ride.

You can do it even at the comfort of your own home. You can do that with the help of some tools, namely a turbo trainer.

There was a time when the turbo trainer was only resorted to in the worst of the winter or for pre-race warm-ups. Today though, people choose to ignore the increasing temperature and improved weather in favour of riding in the virtual world of Zwift or because they think that real-world intervals just don’t cut it anymore.

That’s why a turbo trainer has become many a rider’s companion all year round. With that in mind, here are the five best turbo trainers for indoor training.


Tacx Vortex Smart

First on the list is the Tacx Vortex Smart Turbo Trainer. This is one of the best turbo trainers on the market today.

Here’s why.


Main Characteristics

The Tacx Vortex Smart turbo trainer combines interactive smart technology and the convenience of a fold-down trainer.

Plus, it is set at a very good price. It’s very easy to set up and use, and has a steady feel and instant changes in virtual gradient resistance.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to fold up and down
  • Easy to setup
  • Lightweight
  • Consistent power measurement
  • Cheap compared to direct-drive units
  • User friendly software


  • Can cause Tyre slip at high resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Ride feel is not as smooth as direct drive
  • Electronics are not as sophisticated as direct-drive trainers



The Tacx Vortex Smart is designed so that it can be easily set up. Once you have adjusted the axle clamp for your bike’s width, then everything will be a breeze.

From there, all you have to do is just flip the blue lever open and shut to get your bike in and out. You can do the same with the blue paddle for the tire roller.

You can connect it wirelessly pretty easily too. You can connect it to apps such as Zwift and TrainerRoad using ANT+ or Bluetooth.

The Tacx app can also be used for training, but it is recommended that you use it only for calibration and then use your favourite app.

The Vortex Smart has a good feel  even though this wheel-on smart trainer is a relatively light flywheel (1.6 kg). It also responds quickly and smoothly to resistance changes.

Plus, the fold-out legs are as stable as any turbo trainer with a comparable design.

Special Features

What makes this turbo trainer great is it has an electro-magnetic brake and a downloadable app that you can use to link the trainer with your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

As mentioned above, you can connect it to a computer via Bluetooth or ANT+, which will bring with it a host of features that can spice up your indoor training.

The free app  is fairly in-depth. In order to fully use the trainer’s features though, you need to use an iPad 3 or 4 with up-to-date software, rather than a smartphone, which only has access to limited features.

The app also comes with one pre-installed training video that you can watch when using an iPad and there are others in-app purchases and downloads.



The Tacx Vortex Smart has a host of excellent interactive features. Best of all, it is available at a competitive price which, relatively speaking, isn’t going to break the bank.

The added features and interactive elements of the Vortex Smart are also likely to encourage more frequent, structured training sessions. So, it will leave you with no excuses for not being on form come race season and for a turbo trainer, that’s all you really want.

Wahoo Kickr

Another great smart turbo trainer is the Wahoo Kickr.

Here’s why it is considered one of the best in the market today.


Main Characteristics

Although the Wahoo Kickr is one of the most expensive bike trainers on the market, the price is well justified. The Wahoo KICKR is a direct drive trainer.

That means this indoor turbo trainer works differently from other types of indoor bike trainers. You will need to connect the chain of your bike directly to the direct drive unit so that all of the energy you create while pedaling goes straight into your workout and won’t get lost in the friction between a tire and a cylinder.

This unit will also not wear on your rear tire because you have to remove your tire in order to use it. The KICKR can also broadcast data to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+, but you have to plug it in with the included power cord in order to access its smart capabilities.


Pros and Cons


  • Open platform
  • Easy to use
  • Supports both Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ connection
  • Noise levels are comparable to other trainers
  • Have a wide variety of great apps that are compatible with it


  • You have to remove rear wheel from bike
  • Pretty heavy
  • Some functionalities require 3rd party apps
  • Wireless interference can be an issue
  • Some users have seen accuracy issues on units (older units)



The Wahoo Kickr is designed to provide incredibly smooth power output when used on erg mode.

It is able to achieve this by taking acceleration out of the power equation, so that means two things: first, you’ll get unnaturally smooth reported power, which can be rewarding to look at in real time and on post-ride analysis graphs.

Second is its super smooth power lines. Kickr can achieve this by ignoring short-term changes to speed in the flywheel.

In terms of hardware, the Kickr is able to adjust quickly to preset heights for road, 650c and 29-inch bikes, and the hub spacing can flip between 130mm and 135mm for road and mountain spacing.

Plus, you don’t need any front wheel block since the rear hub height matches that of the selected wheel. The sturdy arms also fold in nicely for relatively compact storage.


Special Features

This turbo trainer comes with a quick-release skewer and a reversible axle spacer so that it can be used with most mountain bikes and road bikes. And since the frame of the tire isn’t lifted up in the back, you don’t need a front wheel riser block to steady your bike.

This feature is what makes this turbo trainer very unique.



The Wahoo Kickr is an excellent turbo trainer, albeit a bit expensive. Its lab-like ability to dial in exact wattage resistance is an excellent training asset, and the controlled power output can be very rewarding, especially if you’re the type to follow your intervals to the Tee.

This is where you get your money’s worth. When this turbo trainer is paired with a structured workout software such as TrainerRoad, it brings indoor solo training to a new level.

And if you use it with Zwift, indoor riding can actually be engaging, since the resistance automatically adjusts to the virtual climbs, flats, big-group drafts and descents.

That’s why it’s priced a bit higher than other turbo trainers.


Elite Novo Force

If it’s your first time using a turbo trainer, you can never go wrong with the Elite Novo Force. Highly considered as one of the go-to beginner turbo trainers today, the Elite Novo Force is another solid choice for indoor training.


Main Characteristics

The Novo Force is an entry level magnetic trainer from Elite.

It has five resistance settings that can operated from the handlebar. It’s also a fairly quiet trainer in terms of turbo standards, although you will hear a high-pitched whine rather than the sound of a jumbo taking off in your living room.

This unit offers increased resistance and 700 gram heavier flywheel for a smoother ride.

Pros and Cons


  • Very durable
  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent resistance settings for an entry level trainer


  • The instructions for setup can be difficult to understand



The Novo Force frame is designed to move the resistance unit to the rear of the wheel, which will allow the bike to be positioned closer to the ground, thereby increasing stability and removing the need for a riser block.

The specific properties of the material used, specifically the elastogel roller, provides a better grip of the tire, and also reduces frictional losses and noise generation.


Special Features

The maximum stability at maximum effort is what makes this entry level turbo trainer very appealing. The two quick-release clamps for easy fixing of the back wheel also allows for easier use.

And lastly, the magnetic resistance flywheel gives a realistic road feel that you can’t get from other entry level turbo trainers on the market today.



Although the Novo Force takes some setting up, but once it is assembled, the plastic fairings covering the frame will give it a premium look and sturdy feel, while also keeping it light enough so you can move it around the house with ease.

The Elasto-Gel roller is also a great feature that will provide a smooth ride feel. It is also one of the quietest turbo trainer on the market today.

So if you are looking for your first turbo trainer, the Elite Novo Force is an excellent start.


Kinetic Rock and Roll Turbo Trainer

If you are looking for something unique, then the Kinetic Rock and Roll turbo trainer is your best bet. Read on to find out why.


Main Characteristics

The Kinetic Rock and Roll turbo trainer is unique mainly because it has the ability to sway from side to side. This motion mimics the feeling of riding a bike out of the saddle.

Aside from this feature, the Rock and Roll turbo trainer also has an impressive fluid resistance, which is able to cope with a wide range of power outputs.

This turbo trainer’s upgrade-dependent, wobble-while-you-work trainer isn’t for everyone, but as you can see, it offers a uniquely 3D-realistic, luxurious feeling ride.

So if you’ve got the extra space and money, you will be able to appreciate what this turbo trainer brings to the table.


Pros and Cons


  • Good ride sensation
  • Sustained 3d realism with smart upgrade capability
  • Easy to control resistance


  • Limited usefulness of moving turbo
  • Very heavy and bulky
  • A bit Expensive



The design of this trainer takes up more space than any other popular trainer. It does have the ‘quick release’ latch, but you still have to do a lot of turning of the two tone rubber ‘turtle’ knobs to get your bike secure in the clamps.

It has a very tall ride height which means a mounting block will make it easier to flop off after an intense workout.

The big roller on Kinetic’s fluid brake will provide less tire deformation and drag once it is mounted. This is a great design feature because conventional items will last longer if you don’t shell out for Kinetic’s specific heavy-duty rubber.

The trainer also has less buzz and vibration at full chat than with a smaller roller. The feel of the fluid brake is outstandingly smooth, with tailwind-style speed sustain between sprints to boost your morale while riding.


Special Features

Aside from the 3D realistic feel that this trainer provides, the Kinetic Test Flight or Fit controller/data collector apps are also what makes this unit special.

It syncs easily to display comprehensive workout information and a range of preloaded training sessions. Plus, it hooks up to third-party PC/Mac software well.

Since the resistance is fixed, it can’t automatically change to match any virtual gradients in the software, but your avatar will still ‘ride’ at an appropriate speed for the wattage.

You can also add an In-Ride Bluetooth pod that will let you connect to either see the wattage and other data.



As we’ve mentioned above, this trainer isn’t for those that are short on space. That said, the Rock and Roll is an unusual and useful training aid and Kinetic should be applauded for its unique approach to indoor training.

So if you’ve got the money, the space and are looking for a unique turbo trainer, this is an excellent choice.


JetBlack M5 Pro Mag

Last on our list is the JetBlack M5 Pro Mag. It is certainly not the least. This turbo trainer has been making waves since its release.

Here’s why.


Main Characteristics

The Jetblack M5 Pro Mag has five magnetic resistance settings to accurately recreate a range of different life-like situations.

It has a hydrogel roller that provides a super-smooth tire contact. It is eye catching because of its colour.  Its build quality backs-up its unusually appearance, plus the ride feel is particularly smooth and progressive.

It has an ergonomically shaped adjuster dial, that will give you plenty of resistance options, which makes the Pro Mag great for every type of session.

Its only downside is it emits a very distinctive, loud sound even when pedalling normally and increases as you put down more power.


Pros and Cons


  • Provides a smooth ride
  • Provides plenty of resistance choices
  • Ergonomic design
  • Reduces tire wear


  • Very noisy



By design, the Jet Black trainer comes pre-assembled, so it is very easy to set up and is pretty much ready right out of the box.

This turbo trainer comes with a quick release skewer that fits nicely into the trainer.

It has a good, wide base and has a very solid construction. This ensures that it doesn’t flex or bend  and makes it sturdy and secure. Even if you are doing seated sprints, it will only wobble slightly.

You do have to make a conscious effort to chuck your weight around and make it move. The frame is also designed so that it can be easily folded or unfolded for storage and transport.

All you have to do is simply adjust a nut on each side.


Special Features

What makes this trainer special is its Hydrogel roller, which gives it a nice, natural ride feel. Plus, it claims to reduce tire wear.

You will absolutely agree with this claim after you put in several hours of work on this baby.

The resistance unit is also clamped onto the rear wheel by twisting a molded plastic handle. There are five resistance settings (as mentioned above) which can be controlled by a handlebar mounted lever that slides through the different settings with ease.

Another thing that makes this trainer special is it only takes just a few seconds from once the trainer is set up to fix the supplied skewer in the back wheel of your bike, thereby making it a very easy to use turbo trainer.



If you are okay with the noise that this trainer generates (as well as your neighbours), then this can be an excellent turbo trainer for you.

It gives a great ride feel and excellent resistance settings.

You won’t blow your knees, but you can ride and be satisfied at the same time, with the resistance settings it offers.

So there you go. Whether your goal is to use long, steady sessions to protect your base fitness or build top-end power through intense intervals, a cycling turbo trainer can provide a simple, low-maintenance solution to keep you competitive or at least even mildly fit.

Any of the five mentioned above are choices you can’t go wrong with. Just make sure that before you choose one, it fits your needs and your budget.


A Guide To Women’s Carbon Hybrid Bike

Owning a bike is one of the most practical investments that a woman can do. Not only will it help you get to places in the city you want to go, but it will also help you stay in shape. In today’s world, being healthy has become a priority with all the health issues that a person can get. So, instead of driving a car, getting to the places you want to go by riding a bike can be very beneficial.

Buying a bike can be just like shopping for a car. You need to know your stuff. You have to learn the specs of each bike and understand the differences. Bikes are not made equal. Some are made for specific purposes and each part serves a purpose. Let’s say for example, the bike’s frame. The frame of a bike can be made from different kinds of materials, like carbon, aluminium or other hybrid metals. But what’s the difference? Well, let’s talk about that so you can get a good grip on which one to go for.

Carbon Frame Bikes

There are bikes that have frames made of carbon. You can find this much-coveted material in pencils, diamonds and of course, bicycles. This immensely strong, incredibly lightweight and stiff material is a very ideal material to build bikes with. And with engineering technology advancing in leaps and bounds, this type of bike from can now be enjoyed even by non-professional bikers. What makes carbon frame bikes great is it shaves grams off your bike weight. This is the most important benefit that a carbon frame bike provides. This kind of carbon technology means they that you can adapt the way carbon fibers are layered and woven to alter the stiffness, compliance and shape to produce the bikes suited for sportives, time trialing or even endurance biking.

The thing is though, not all carbon are created equal however and carbon frames that are on the lower price range are likely to be made from lower grade carbon fibers compared to the more expensive ones that you have to sell a body organ just to buy one. And of course the bike frame is just part of the equation of getting the perfect bike. You also have to consider quality wheels, gears, brakes and finishing kit. So even though you have a lightweight and strong frame, you might still want to upgrade parts sooner or later.

Other Alternatives

The beauty about technology is that it keeps improving. As years go by, improvements are being done to further advance the performance of something, bikes are not excluded from this list. As Forbes stated, Carbon has been the go-to frame material for over a decade. That’s because carbon has properties that are very important frame construction. Carbon very light which makes it very crucial whenever you’re riding uphill. It can also be aerodynamically sculpted, therefore it becomes more vital the faster you go. Carbon is also excellent as a bike frame material because it can be manipulated to balance the stiffness and flexibility of the frame. The reason why stiff frames are favored by cyclists is because it doesn’t absorb much energy thereby allowing the cyclist to maximize the degree to which they produce power in order to move the bike forward. These compliant frames are flexible and will soak up energy so that less of the vibration from a rough road surface is transferred to the rider’s body.

Carbon Fibre Drawbacks

carbon frame

But the thing with carbon is that it comes with drawbacks. One such drawback is that it’s brittle, so it can break easily. Plus, damage may not be visible because of the way these carbon fiber bikes are constructed. Carbon fiber frames and components are made by bonding plies of carbon fiber with epoxy resin. These internal layers or the bonds between layers, can be broken without any visible damage if the outer layer is unbroken. On the outside, you will see an unblemished frame, but in reality, it is weakened frame and can fail catastrophically at unexpected moments. And as you already know, frames or components that break without warning can be very dangerous.

The Hybrid

Thus was born the hybrid. Seeing that carbon fiber frames can fail at any given moment, manufacturers sought to look for an alternative. Up until the past couple of years, the ability to shape tubing to achieve a desired level of stiffness has been one of the major advantages of carbon fiber over traditional oval-shaped aluminum tubes. Aluminum has come a long way mainly because of advances in hydroforming technology. This allowed for more unique tube shapes to rival even those of a carbon frame. This new procedure called triple hydroformed process, allows tubes to be reshaped after they are welded together.  This process will result in greater stiffness with less material. This will significantly lighten the overall frame weight as a result.  Hydroforming will also enable a unique chainstay and seat stay shape that can tune out high frequency road vibration, thus minimizing the buzz traveling to the seatpost.  Pair it with a carbon fiber fork, today’s aluminum road bike can rival the compliance of steel or carbon bikes on long rides.

hybrid bike

There are also several new approaches using hybrid composites that show promise of increasing safety with minimal decrements in the features that make carbon fiber so highly valued in the bike industry. These hybrid composites blend carbon fiber with another material like plastic or steel in the same ply. These hybrid composites can be shaped for aerodynamics and they don’t increase weight. However, they all involve some loss of stiffness.

In short, you can find the comfort, performance and reliability in hybrid frames too and not just from carbon fiber frames. Carbon fibre is not needed in my humble opinion unless of course performance is key such as competition etc..

For The Casual Biker

All this talk about performance might overwhelm someone who is a casual bike rider. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too. If you’re looking for a cruiser bike that you can use just to ride around the neighborhood, you can go for the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle. This versatile women’s hybrid cruiser bicycle with 17.5-inch swooping step-through aluminum frame is perfect for cruising, leisure and commute rides. It has an upright riding style that keeps your back and shoulders comfortable. Plus, it has a foot-forward design that helps maintain proper leg extension.

womens hybrid bike

This women’s cruiser bike has high gloss chrome components and a frame with a glistening sheen. The great thing about this bike is you can choose from four different models. You can choose the single-speed model for cruising around the neighborhood and easy-going rides on flat terrain. If you need to climb hills or want to cover more miles, the 3-speed and 7-speed models will get you to your destination with style and grace. The 21-speed model on the other hand, will help you tackle demanding street, trail, long distance, and uphill riding. This bike can accommodate riders from 5 feet to 6 feet, 4 inches tall because of its frame geometry. So if you are looking for maximum comfort, the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle is an excellent choice.


When looking for a bike, one of the most important factors is to know what the frame is made of. Carbon fiber frames are proven reliable types that you can’t go wrong with. But there are also viable options that will do just as well as carbon fiber frames. There are aluminum frames and carbon hybrid frames that are excellent choices. Regardless of which one you choose though, one thing stays the same. Choose a brand or manufacturer that is renowned for its bike. As they say, you get what you pay for. Brands like sixthreezero are a good start if you are looking for carbon hybrid bikes.

The Best Folding Exercise Bike

If you are looking to lose some weight or just generally stay in shape, then you need to exercise regularly. But if you do not really have the time to go to the gym and workout, don’t fret. There’s still a way to exercise regularly. One of the best ways to do that is to get an exercise bike. That way, you can still exercise when you get home. But what if you really do not have the space to store your exercise bike when it’s not in use (maybe because you live in an apartment or a condo and you simply don’t have enough storage space)? Then the solution to that problem is to get a folding exercise bike. Now if you’re going to get a folding exercise bike, why not get the best folding exercise bike? If you are sold on that idea, then we suggest you get the Exerpeutic GOLD 500 XLS Foldable Magnetic Upright Bike. Here’s why.

best folding exercise bike

Main Characteristics

The Exerpeutic 500 XLS is known for its design and high durability. It provides excellent workout results. This exercise bike has a well-built steel x-frame that can support 400 lbs. It is powder coated making it resistant to corrosion. It offers features like the high-torque, 3-piece crank system, as well as eight levels of magnetic resistance. It also has a grip sensor heart pulse monitor and double-drive transmission system. As you probably already know, the best feature of the 500 XLS is its foldable design. This design makes it very easy to store. It is perfect for people living in an apartment, small rooms, or any living arrangement that has a limited space.

Pros and Cons


  • Has a basic console that provides feedback during your workout
  • Easy to adjust the sizes
  • Low maintenance
  • Very quiet
  • Can accommodate users up to 400 lbs
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Easy to store
  • Provides a good low impact workout


  • No pre-programmed workouts
  • Can’t view total workout stats
  • Resistance is not strong enough(for people who want a tougher workout)
  • Manual doesn’t include instructions on setting up the bike
  • Console measures are only broad guides


As mentioned above, it has a strong x-shaped steel frame that can support 400 lbs. This exercise bike also uses a belt drive, which will provide a smooth cycling motion. Plus, it will also cut the need for regular maintenance. As you already know, its main selling feature is being foldable. The Exerpeutic 500 XLS will also accommodate riders from 5’1”-6’5”.

Special Features

Aside from it being foldable, the 500 XLS also a great drive system and brake mechanism that are enclosed in a small box. As a result, this bike has a small flywheel that is balanced and does not come in contact with the brake pad. This allows you to pedal the bike smoothly without rendering the stair-climbing effect, even if it’s set to the highest resistance setting.


Exerpeutic offers a 1-year warranty for the frame. The other parts have a 90-day warranty.


The Exerpeutic 500 XLS is a well made folding exercise bike that is both a great choice for beginners and those wanting to get in shape. It doesn’t take up a lot of room when in use or when folded and stored out of the way. Plus, you can move it around wherever you want, adjust it to a different size and it is also very quiet. Best of all, it can be used by people of all levels of fitness. That’s why it’s such a great folding exercise bike.


The Best Folding Exercise Bike For Short People

Short people really get the short end of the stick (pun intended). They have a hard time reaching things that are too high. Looking for clothes that fit them can also be a pain, that sometimes, they have to resort to buying in the kid’s section (god forbid). Fortunately, buying an exercise bike that will be suitable for them isn’t one of the problems they need to worry about. That’s because, there are exercise bikes on the market today that will be very suitable for short people. The best one we recommend is the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Bike with Pulse. Here’s why.

folding exercise bike for short people

Main Characteristics

This folding exercise bike offers a big workout in a small space. It has two main selling features, the “pulse” and “folding”, which is pretty obvious in its name. It has the ability to monitor your heart rate using the sensors located in the handlebars. This feature will allow you to stay in your cycling position while monitoring your pulse and ensuring that you are in your target heart zone. You can see the important performance metrics like calories burned, distance, speed and length of workout on the computerized LCD. Aside from that, this folding exercise bike also has eight different resistance settings that you can choose from.  The other selling feature is its ability to fold up and be stored away quickly. This bike can be folded up to about half of its original footprint. This is excellent for people with little exercise space or people who don’t want to have their equipment out on display.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Noiseless workout
  • Foldable to half of its size
  • Affordable for most consumers
  • Perfectly suitable for beginners
  • Simple to move around because of its rollers
  • Lightweight
  • Very suitable for short people


  • Not suitable for people looking for intense workouts
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Cannot be used as a spin bike


This folding exercise bike is designed to accommodate users starting at heights of 5’3″. It can also be easily adjusted for comfort and has a large seat cushion that has padding for comfort and support. The x-frame design of this exercise bike makes it strong and capable of supporting up to 300 lbs in weight. That’s more than you will expect and more than most other entry-level exercise bikes. It is also belt driven, which is another good design feature since it will cut back on the need for maintenance that you have to put into this bike.

Special Features

What makes this exercise bike special is that it is probably one of the least expensive bikes that you will find, that has the ability to monitor your heart rate. As mentioned above, the sensors in the grips will keep you in a cycling position, while still being able to track your heart rate. This is a great feature because it allows you to see how much intensity you’re putting into your exercise and allow you to either burn fat or work on your cardio.


The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Bike with Pulse has a one year warranty on the frame and 90 days on all other parts.


The highlights of this folding exercise bike are its durability, affordability and suitability for short people. When you buy a piece of exercise equipment, you want it to last several years. The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse will exceed that expectation because it’s made of solid, quality components that are carefully put together. It might not come with all the bells and the whistles you want, but what it has in store is more than enough for most users, especially for short people.

The Best Spin Bike Under $500

Sunny Health and Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Spin bikes are the most used type of exercise bikes. You typically see in the gym and strength training centers, but they can also be suited for home use. In the past couple of years, spinning has gained a huge boost in popularity because they provide more benefits compared to other cycling techniques. This is evidenced by an increase in spinning classes that are arranged in some of the gyms. Spinning is mainly done for increasing cardiovascular endurance. So if you want to improve your cardio endurance but do not have the time to attend spin classes or go to the gym, then your best option is get one so you can use it at home. Fortunately, there are lots of great spin bikes that don’t cost a lot. The best one that we can recommend is the Sunny Health and Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike. What’s great about this spin bike is it costs under $500. But there are other benefits aside from the cost that you can get from this spin bike. Keep reading this review to find out what those benefits are.

Best spin bike under 500

Main Characteristics

Whether you’re looking for the cycle class experience at home, or if you’re an avid outdoor cyclist who wants to stay in riding shape during bad weather, the Sunny Health & Fitness Drive Indoor Cycling Bike is exactly what you are looking for. It has a 49 Ib flywheel that produces the same feeling you get when you are pedalling a road bike. It provides full customizability from adjusting the handlebars, seat and resistance. It really gives you full control of your workout. With this spin bike, you can turn your home into your own personal fitness studio with ease due to its convenient transport wheels. All you have to do is tilt and roll out for use or away for storage. You can avoid heavy lifting or muscle strain. The wheels at the front of the unit will allow the user to move the bike around with ease, from room to room, or store it away out of sight.

The seat can also be adjusted for height and proximity to handlebars with a simple twist of a knob. Upon doing that, you can move it back and forth or up and down so your workout can remain comfortable when riding for long periods of time. With this spin bike, you can switch up the intensity of your workout easily using the tension knob. With just a simple twist, you can increase or decrease the resistance of the bike so that your workout will remain challenging and effective all throughout your workout. This feature makes it perfect for any user’s skill level.

Pros and Cons


  • Heavy flywheel gives a smooth and realistic feeling
  • Very stable when seated, standing and when transitioning between positions
  • Can be easily and quickly assembled
  • Seat can be adjusted horizontally and vertically to cater to many different heights between 6 foot 8 inches and 5 foot 3 inches
  • Belt drive requires low maintenance
  • Very quiet
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to transport and move from storage with its transport wheels


  • Pedals a bit tight but these can be changed easily
  • Does not come with a console (option to buy it separately)
  • Seat is uncomfortable but you can replace it with your own bike seat or cover with a gel cover
  • Handlebars can’t be adjusted horizontally
  • If you are 5 foot 3 inches, this bike might be too big for you unless you make changes to the seat post
  • The resistance knob does not give you markings of tension levels
  • No MP3 player holder or a timer


Getting a bike to be properly sized for you is the most crucial factor. This will help ensure you get the best possible exercise and don’t get injured from bad form. This Sunny Health and Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike is designed to give you the opportunity to adjust the height of the handlebars and the seat. Plus, you can also move the seat forward and aback to adjust to different heights. It is designed in such a way that the adjustments can be done quickly. By simply turning the knobs and moving the adjustment post, you can set the bike according to your preference. This design makes it possible for people of different heights to adjust it without any trouble.

This bike will suit people between 5 ft 3 inches and 6ft 8 inches. The pedals are also designed to take the pressure of users standing up and pushing hard. That’s because they are screwed into a strong crank shaft. This makes it feel solid so you can workout without worrying about slipping. The pedals also come with toe cups and an adjustable strap.

Special Features

What makes this spin bike special is its flywheel. It has a heavy flywheel that weights 49 lbs. This weight will give a very smooth ride and you get the feel of riding a bike on the road. The logic is, the heavier flywheel, the more effort you need to put in to get the wheel turning. It also takes more to slow it down than it would take with a lighter wheel. Thus, it makes it a good option for beginners and more experienced spinners. The pedals and wheels will continue to spin at the same speed no matter where you are on your stroke, just like when you are cycling outdoors. With a lighter flywheel, this becomes more of a problem because the faster and harder you are pushing as your feet move from pushing hard down to slowing across the bottom and top of the stroke, it will give off an unnatural and distracting feel. But with a heavy flywheel, this is smoothed out and you get a fluid ride.


The Sunny Health & Fitness Drive Indoor Cycling Bike has a 1-year warranty for the frame and a 90-day warranty for the parts.


If you are looking for a basic exercise bike that will help you lose weight and burn fat, this spin bike is a great choice. This bike is very durable and has all the basic features of a smart spin bike. Its solid frame and impressive features makes for a great investment. Plus, with the heavy flywheel, you will be ensured of a smooth ride which is all you are really after in a spin bike. You get all of that for just under $500. It’s a pretty good deal right?

The Best Exercise Bike For People With Knee Problems

Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike

When you’ve got a bad knee, staying in shape can be quite troublesome. You will have limited exercise options. And if you have limited exercise options, it can be harder to stay in shape or even lose weight. Fortunately, there’s a solution to that problem. All you really need is a good exercise bike that will be suitable for your bad knees. There are exercise bikes out on the market today that don’t put that much stress on the knees and other joints. To help you out with your dilemma, we’ve decided to take a look at which exercise bike is best suited for people with knee problems. So, if you are looking for one, we suggest you get the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike. You want to know why? Read on to find out.

exercise bike for knee problems

Main Characteristics

The Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike has very impressive features for its price. You will find all the typical workout information you will expect from an exercise bike in this one. The workout data is displayed on a large, 9-inch LCD display. The data included are workout time, distance travelled, speed, calories burned and heart rate. Aside from the information you get, this recumbent bike also features 20 resistance levels that will fit every type of user, even the ones with knee problems. Aside from the resistance levels, it also has 10 built-in programs. And if you want to customize your workout, it can be also be done. This exercise bike also allows you to keep track of your heart rate using their specially designed heart rate programs and chest strap sensor.

Aside from the great monitoring features, the Sole Fitness R92 also has a port for setting up your iPod or MP3 player so you can play your favourite tunes while exercising. This is a cool feature for those want to  workout while listening to their playlist. The Sole Fitness R92 also has its own cooling and hydration system. It has a water bottle holder and a built-in cooling fan which can help keep you energized and hydrated.

Pros and Cons


  • Has a sturdy steel frame
  • Very quiet due to its magnetic resistance system
  • Provides a relatively smooth ride for most riders
  • Uses ergonomic that promote low-impact, ergonomically correct workouts
  • Has built-in workout programs
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Has a tablet holder on the console
  • Has heart rate monitors
  • Adjustable seat and backrest
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Has an audio jack and speakers for an MP3 player
  • Has water bottle holder
  • Has integrated workout fans
  • Comes with transport wheels
  • High weight capacity


  • Not the most space-saving recumbent bike because of its large footprint of 57″ x 30″
  • Integrated workout fans are weak


One reason why a recumbent exercise bike is better than a standard upright bike for people with knee problems is the low impact nature of the exercise. This recumbent exercise bike is specially designed to accommodate people with knee problems or other leg injuries. First and foremost, the frame is what’s a ‘step-through’ frame. That means there’s no bulky flywheel casing in the way of the sitting position. Plus, the seat is designed to have a slight incline that will naturally alleviate stress on the joints. This design also provides additional lumbar support. The foot pedals also have an ergonomic design that features a patented two-degree inward slant. This design is intended to prevent aches in your knees and feet by aligning the joints in their correct posture during a workout.

As for the recumbent bike’s frame, it uses heavy steel tubing paired with aluminium shroud. This makes the recumbent bike practically indestructible, but lightweight and manageable. As an added convenience, this bike has a pair of transport wheels and large handle at the back of the bike so you can move the bike a lot easier. The controls and design of the LCD screen are simple enough that even less technically capable users that aren’t too familiar with exercise equipment, will be able to figure it out quickly. It also has instructions that are very clear and more experienced users who are already familiar with gym equipment, will be able to just hop on it and go.

Special Features

Now what makes this recumbent bike special aside from it being very suitable for people with bad knees is the chest strap. The chest trap includes a heart rate monitor that will allow users to keep an eye on their heart rate without having to be in contact with the handlebars at all times. This feature is really great for users that like playing a game or keep their hands off the handlebars while working out.

Aside from that cool feature, this recumbent bike also has built-in programs, which have been divided into 4 categories; manual, custom, heart rate controlled, and preset. The Manual Program is great if you just want to sit down and start cycling. You can adjust the resistance electronically at any point during your workout. The Custom Program can be assigned to a specific user profile. The Heart rate controlled Program is for workouts that will control your heart rate. You can use the wireless chest strap transmitter on this mode. Lastly, the Preset Programs are designed to help you achieve a specific fitness goal.


This recumbent exercise bike includes the following manufacturer’s warranties against defects in materials and workmanship:

  • Frame – Lifetime
  • Brake – Lifetime
  • Electronics and parts – Three years
  • Labor – One year


The Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike does what is advertised very well. It is a well designed and well built exercise bike that provides ergonomic features, excellent usability and entertainment benefits that can be found on most high end models. Its high level of comfort and sturdy design, as well as the low strain that it provides during workout is what makes it perfect for people with bad knees. Plus, the recumbent seat design and strong lumbar support will also maximize comfort and minimize the risk of annoying aches and pains that are caused by poor body positioning. To top it off, it has built-in speakers and support for playing music from an iPod or MP3 player, which will provide an entertaining and a much more fun workout experience. So if you have knee problems but still want to exercise, this recumbent bike is definitely the right choice.


The Complete Buyer’s Guide For Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Recumbent bikes are very popular in gyms and fitness clubs. That’s because it’s a great way to warm up the body for the next workout routines. It’s also a solid workout in itself. For busy people though, they don’t always have the time to go to the gym. So, if you are among those people, owning a recumbent exercise bike is a great idea. This is where the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind” comes in. With a recumbent exercise bike in your own home, you’re more likely to be motivated to exercise every day since the bike will be staring you in the face, begging for you to get on and get cycling.

Shopping for a recumbent bike online is not easy. You’ll have to do your research. You to find the best prices and shipping options aside from the fact that you need to decide which recumbent exercise bike you should go for. The good thing about ordering online is you can avoid having to carry the heavy bike box home from the local fitness store since it will be delivered to your doorstep. So, investing in your own recumbent bike is a great way to stay healthy or take your health and fitness to the next level, in the comfort of your own home. The great thing about having a recumbent exercise bike at home is you can park it right in front of your TV or computer and control your own entertainment while working out.  You can just pop on your headphones and get in the zone or just read a book up while you are getting your cardio on. With that in mind, we thought we’d help you shop for the best recumbent bike for your needs. That’s why we’ve put together a complete buyer’s guide for recumbent exercise bikes. If you are looking for one, this article will be able to help you.

The Best Cheap Recumbent Exercise Bike

recumbent bike cheap

If you are on a budget, we recommend getting Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike. It’s the best budget recumbent exercise bike on the market today.

Main Characteristics

Despite being a budget recumbent bike, a lot of care has been put into making the Exerpeutic 900XL very comfortable to use. If you think about it, what use would an exercise bike be if it has a lot of features but isn’t comfortable to use? You’ll just wind up not using it at all. The 900XL we believe, provides the best comfort for all budget exercise bikes. Aside from the comfort, the Exerpeutic 900XL also features magnetic resistance that has 8 different resistance levels. For a budget recumbent exercise bike, that is quite impressive. It is perfect for both beginners and more experienced users because they will feel challenged. And since there are several levels to choose from, you can start from the bottom and work your way up to see if you have improved your endurance.  The best thing is, you can switch between these levels with the turn of a knob.

Pros and Cons


  • Has a nice design to accommodate a wide range of users
  • Has a hand grip style heart rate sensors that you can use to check how your cardio workout is going
  • Very comfortable
  • Inexpensive


  • Some units have squeaky parts
  • Pretty basic unit


The Exerpeutic 900XL is designed to make you want to use this bike as much as possible. It includes a nice step through design so you can get on and off the machine easily. It has a low center of gravity and extended leg stabilizers to keep the bike in place even during your most intense workouts. Plus, it has a comfortable oversized seat and back rest. Last but not the least, the 900XL Recumbent Bike is equipped with large foot pedals to accommodate a wide range of users. As we said above, this bike is designed very well.

Special Features

For a basic and budget recumbent exercise bike, the Exerpeutic 900XL offers eight levels of resistance. This is unheard of in budget recumbent exercise bikes. You can mostly find this feature in the more expensive range of exercise bikes. So that fact that the Exerpeutic 900XL offers this is already very unique.


The exercise bike comes with limited three-year manufacturing warranty. The company guarantees that product is free from defects in material and workmanship when used for the purpose intended, under the condition that it is installed and operated according to the owner’s manual.  The company will replace the parts which are proven to be defective under normal home use free of charge.


Overall, the Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike is a very comfortable recumbent exercise bike that is capable of giving you a great workout at a budget price. You won’t get any programs or advanced console features, but if you’re looking for a quality workout for a bargain price, then this is the best recumbent bike for you. And even though it comes in at a budget price and as they say, you’re getting what you pay for, it really isn’t the case on this one. It’s a very standard yet very effective fitness machine that’s well suited for the price that you pay for.

The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Seniors

If you are among the elderly and still want to stay active and physically fit to a certain level, there are also recumbent exercise bikes suited for you. We recommend you get the Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709. Here’s why.

recumbent bike for seniors

Main Characteristics

The ME-709 is the perfect choice to fit your needs of at-resident exercising. The ME-709 still stands out as one of the best in terms of quality and price because it is balanced perfectly. One of its most prominent features is its customizable resistance of up to eight levels. For the uninitiated, the resistance is like the ‘Difficulty’ in biking. The higher the resistance, the more you have to cycle to spin the wheel. The fact that it can be changed at will is very useful in a household. That’s because both youngsters and elderly people can use it. You just have to set the of training that will be suited for you. This is a huge bonus because it is highly adaptable and flexible to the needs and training routines of its users.

The belt drive is quiet and enclosed in the casing which keeps it from getting damaged. This also helps protect children and pets. It also stops your ankles and clothes from getting caught up in it. And perhaps the most important function for elderly people is the recumbent bike’s seat. A lot of people find this a very comfortable seat.  It is an oversized bike seat with a backrest which are fixed in place. The backrest is slightly angled so that most people find it very comfortable because it gives their back the support it needs.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to assemble
  • 8 marked levels of resistance
  • 2 sets of handlebars that allow you to exercise in different positions
  • Can be adjusted to fit a range of heights
  • Easy step through and seat at a good height for sitting and standing
  • There are transport wheels to help with moving the bike
  • Very quiet and provides a smooth low impact workout
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Very sturdy and appears durable


  • Does not come with a heart rate monitor
  • There are no pre-programmed workouts
  • Adjustment for different sizes can be difficult
  • Doesn’t have a levelers to balance up the bike on uneven floors
  • The resistance doesn’t go to a hard enough level for those wanting very challenging workouts
  • Seat doesn’t include a head rest
  • Unable to upload your workouts to a fitness account or track them over time


The design of this recumbent exercise bike is fairly straightforward. It has a basic console that measures time, speed, distance, total distance and calories burned. The only problem is, it doesn’t measure your heart rate although it’s good for getting feedback during your exercise to help keep you motivated. The seat is also comfortably cushioned and can be adjusted accordingly to whatever makes you feel best when you hit the laps. The pedals have straps to prevent your feet from slipping off while you’re furiously pedaling. It is placed somewhat below the seat so that your body won’t have to stress itself too much in order to get the wheel spinning. The entire bike weighs only at around 55 pounds. It is made of lightweight materials and a minimalist design that makes it dramatically lighter than the standard bulky indoor biking machine.

Special Features

As mentioned above, the customizable resistance settings is what makes this recumbent exercise bike very suitable for senior citizens. They will be able to set it so that it won’t cause to much impact to their joints. Plus, it has a very comfortable seat, which makes it ideal for the elderly.


This exercise bike is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and material, under normal use and service conditions, for a period of two years from the date of purchase. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser.


This is the perfect recumbent exercise bike for elderly people. It is affordable, capable, and quite nicely built. With it, you can’t really go wrong, and this has been testified by quite a lot of elderly people considering the bulks of positive reviews that it has gotten over time.

The Best Small Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you are looking for a small recumbent exercise bike that will fit well in your condo or apartment, we suggest you get the Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike. Here’s why.

small recumbent bike

Main Characteristics

It is a lightweight bike that folds up with narrow stabilizers. At first look it puts you on alert, because it might not properly support you as you workout. But it surprisingly holds well. When you ride it, it stays solid with no rocking or feeling that it is going tip even for taller users. The steel tubing frame is strong and it stays solid without flexing or moving around as you workout. It stays stable on all surfaces, including thick carpet, as long as the floor is flat. You can also set the amount of resistance you want by turning the knob just below the console. This will move the magnetic pad closer or further away to increase or decrease the resistance. There are markings on the knob to guide you on the amount of resistance you want to set it to.

Pros and Cons


  • Folds up for easy storage in a closet or up against a wall
  • Quick to adjust for different sizes
  • Comes with a basic console for feedback during your exercise
  • Well priced and gives good value
  • Assembly is quick and easy
  • Smooth resistance changes to get the toughness of workout you want
  • Easy to set and return to the amount of resistance you want
  • Compact and doesn’t take up much space when in use
  • Very quiet


  • Doesn’t engage the abdomen as much as an upright bike
  • Console provides only estimates that can only be used as a guide rather than relied on
  • Doesn’t have levelers to balance up the bike
  • It is semi-recumbent so won’t give you quite the same workout and relief of pressure on the legs
  • Manual doesn’t have any help on how to set bike up properly or sample workouts
  • Console doesn’t include pre-programmed workouts
  • Not suitable for serious athletes


The Exerpeutic 400XL has an ergonomic design. The storage and portability enhancements are also built into the design. Just like other modern exercise bikes, this bike is designed with a horizontally adjustable semi-reclined seat that allows for better body positioning during workouts. This will also reduce back pain and injury risks. This design makes the 400XL fit for users that find regular exercise bikes too uncomfortable as well as those with pre-existing conditions, like back-pain or those undergoing rehabilitation, that might make proper body positioning and minimizing pressure on certain areas a top priority.

Special Features

What sets this recumbent exercise bike apart from others of its control system. It uses an eight level, tension mechanism. This will allow you to adjust the resistance settings. Plus, it runs quietly, so you won’t have trouble listening to music at your normal volume. Aside from that, you can track your heartbeat, the calories you burn, distance, time and speed, which are all displayed nicely on a bright LCD screen. Furthermore, you’ll love how comfortable the seat is and how sturdy and well-cushioned the backrest is. You will be able to cycle for hours without the fear of lower back pain.


The manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser that this recumbent exercise bike is free from defects in material and workmanship when used for the purpose intended, under the conditions that it has been installed and operated in accordance with the user manual. The structural frame has a 1-year limited warranty for home use only and all other components have a 90-day warranty.


This small, folding exercise bike is a great way to add activity into your life without spending a fortune on gym fees or an expensive exercise bike. It is very suitable for people living in an apartment or condo because it takes up little space. Plus, you can get the exercising done while watching TV or reading a book because it is so quiet. You can even exercise in the middle of the night while others are sleeping. It’s a durable reliable small recumbent exercise bike that will give you the best value for your money.

The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Tall and Short People

For tall people, there are specific recumbent exercise bikes that work well for them. We recommend getting the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike. Here’s why.

recumbent for tall people

Main Characteristics

The Schwinn 270 is a popular recumbent exercise bike for taller people. It has recently been re-released as the MY17 version. This new version boasts a comfortable padded seat compared to the older model. The new version also allows you to connect to the Schwinn’s app via Bluetooth. The new Schwinn 270 version will work great with people as tall as 6’4″ with an inseam measurement (the distance of the inner leg from top of the thigh to the ankle) of 34 inches.

Pros and Cons


  • Walk-through design
  • Very comfortable
  • Very durable
  • Several advanced features
  • High weight capacity
  • Has built-in fitness programs


  • Has a light flywheel
  • Weak packaging
  • Subpar manual monitor


The Schwinn 270 has a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years for the frame, 2 years for the mechanical parts, 1 year for the electrical parts and 90 days for the labour.


The technology that the Schwinn 270 MY17 boasts is very impressive. With the recent addition of Bluetooth, you can use your favourite fitness apps and integrate it with the backlit LCD console. It has a total of 29 programs to choose of which 4 can be custom made. The preset programs also cover some intense workouts for cardio, heart and even a fitness test. This recumbent bike also offering 25 levels of resistance to cater to beginners all the way through to athletes. So being tall, it’s good that there are higher resistance levels to challenge you even more. That’s why this is the best recumbent exercise bike for tall people.

For short people, we recommend you get the JLL RE100 Home Recumbent Exercise Bike. Here’s why.

bike for short person


Main Characteristics

The JLL RE100 has 8 resistance levels, that use a 4 Kg Flywheel. This allows you to start off at a low resistance level. You can then slowly increase this to continually improve by simply turning a knob. The seat is big and comfortable and you can easily hold even the most ample of bottoms. The seat is 15″ wide and sits about 16″ off the ground. That makes it easy to get on and off, which is perfect for shorter people.



Pros and Cons


  • Great value for money
  • Very comfortable and easy to use
  • Well made,sturdy and easy to assemble


  • 5% of buyers were not happy with their purchase
  • There are reports that some parts were missing on arrival


The JLL RE100 has a 12-month warranty for home use. The only restriction on the use of this bike, is that is only suitable for people weighing 100 Kg or less.


This recumbent exercise bike can be comfortably used by anyone 4’10”  and taller. That’s because it offers an excellent range of seat adjustability. Plus, this recumbent exercise bike comes fitted with a useful electronic display unit which allows you to keep track of your speed, distance covered, time passed and a lot more. It’s an excellent investment for anyone that fits the height requirement.

The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Overweight People

If you are a bit overweight, then we’re sure that exercising regularly will be able to help you out. Getting a recumbent exercise bike is a great idea. So, we recommend you get the ​Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4708 (350 lbs) model. Here’s why.

best recumbent exercise bike for overweight

Main Characteristics

The SF-RB4708 (350 lbs) model is one of the newer exercise bikes from Sunny Health & Fitness. It’s a model with mobile arms, but is also a recumbent bike because it has a backrest. This recumbent bike also has a magnetic resistance system. There are 8 resistance settings you can choose from. The highest resistance levels (7-8) are not too hard, though (which is ideal for an overweight person since it won’t cause too much impact in their joints). This recumbent exercise bike comes with a fitness meter that’s a bit above basic because it can track your pulse along with time, distance, speed, and calories. It also has an odometer function that will allow you to set up targets for time, distance,  calories, and pulse.

Pros and Cons


  • ​Will allow you to target both your arms and legs
  • ​The heavy duty frame supports a maximum weight of 350 lbs
  • Relatively large seat and back


  • The handlebars ​can be annoying, if you don’t plan on using them
  • The assembly process can be a bit difficult for some people


The SF-RB4708 (350 lbs) is designed with a frame made of steel tubing. The base longitudinal bar is a single piece. This kind of design will result in a superior overall sturdiness. The front and rear base bars  are attached to the main frame with bolts. The front base integrates transport wheels, while the rear base features adjustable stabilizers. The middle of the bottom frame bar also has a small stabilizer which also improves the bike’s overall stability. Also, when assembled, this machine only weighs approximately 91 lbs or 41 kg.

Special Features

What makes this recumbent exercise bike special is it is equipped with a comfortable, contoured seat, that uses durable synthetic upholstery. Both the seat and the backrest integrate a fairly thick layer of padding which is great for overweight people. The seat whole seat assembly is adjustable and offers an adjustment span between 26.5″ and 34″ (67 – 86 cm). Also, the distance between the seat and the closest hand-grip to the seat varies between 12″ and 36″ (30.5 – 91.5 cm). As mentioned above, this recumbent exercise bike features moving handlebars. They cannot be locked in place and will continue to move for as long as the pedals are moving. So it offers a great full body workout.


The manufacturers warrant this recumbent bike to be free from defects in material and workmanship when used for the purpose intended, under the conditions that it has been installed and operated in accordance with the user manual. The frame has a 3-year warranty while the parts have a 90-day warranty. The warranty starts from the date of purchase.


The Sunny SF-RB4708 is a heavy-duty recumbent bike that is great for overweight people. It features a solid steel frame which can support users up to 350 lbs, moving handlebars, a comfortable seat and a console with target settings for pulse, calories, distance and time. It’s an excellent exercise bike for users of all levels who are looking for light to medium intensity workouts, stamina development, recovery training and weight loss. You can burn up to 5-600 calories per hour on it, depending on the resistance levels used. Plus, it’s not an expensive exercise bike, so you will get excellent value for your money.

The Best Value Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you are looking for a recumbent exercise bike that gives the best value for your money, we recommend you get the Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Bike NS-716R. Here’s why.

best value recumbent exercise bike

Main Characteristics

The Marcy NS-716R features a magnetic resistance system, which is considered as the smoothest and most efficient on the market. With this system, you will be able to select between eight resistance levels. It also has a user-friendly display screen that can come in quite useful to athletes who want to track their fitness data. These include the number of calories burned, distance covered, workout time and pulse. The console will only require 2 AA batteries.

Pros and Cons


  • Very Solid frame with a maximum capacity of 300 lbs
  • Has an adjustable frame
  • Step-thru frame design
  • Very comfortable
  • Quiet magnetic brake system
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Pedals have adjustable straps
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Lightweight
  • Has transport wheels and rear stabilizers
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Great value for your money


  • No pulse sensors or heart rate monitoring function
  • No tablet holder


The Marcy NS-716R has a basic and compact design that makes it very easy to operate. It’s simple enough for beginners because it does not come with any preset programs, but advanced users can also use it since it also includes varying levels of resistance. Plus, this bike even boasts of a step-through frame design that will mainly facilitate exiting and entering the machine. It has a 2-piece steel frame that is connected between the two main pieces. This will serve as the adjustment for the distance between the seat and pedals. There are also several adjustment holes on the seat, which enters the tube of the front part and is secured with a knob. The frame is also not very heavy and only weighs 56 lbs (25.4 kg).

Special Features

What makes this model special is it can track time, speed, distance and calories and also has an odometer, which keeps count of the miles traveled. The distance is counted in miles, while speed is tracked in miles per hour. This recumbent exercise bike uses a “SCAN” function to rotate the workout stats, displaying each one for 4 seconds. It’s powered on when it detects pedal movement or when you press its button. It also shuts down automatically after 8 minutes of inactivity on the bike.


The Marcy NS-716R Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike comes with a limited 2-year warranty on the frame and parts.


If you’re on a tight budget, the Marcy NS-716R Magnetic Resistance will certainly suit your needs. Even though it may be on the cheaper side, it does not compromise on quality and is packed with all sorts of features that are bound to enhance your weight loss or fitness journey. It has a compact design that is very easy to use, even if you’re just a beginner. With this particular recumbent exercise bike, you will be able to train in comfort, with very little risk of injury. Among all the recumbent exercise bikes on the market today, this definitely gives the best value for your money.

So there you go. Hopefully, after reading this guide, you will be able to get the best recumbent exercise bike for your needs. Happy hunting and happy biking.


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Best rated under desk bikes to buy



Best Under Desk Bikes Reviewed.

Living a sedentary lifestyle can be bad for your health. The problem is, most people can’t avoid it. Especially if they have a desk job that makes them sit on a desk for almost eight hours a day. Fortunately, there’s a solution to that problem. Using an under desk bike can help you stay active even while you are sitting down and working. If this is the first time you’re hearing about under desk bikes, then it can be quite overwhelming to choose which one to buy when you decide to get one. So, we’ve decided to help you out with that. We took a look at the three most reviewed under bikes in Amazon. Hopefully, this article will be able to help you pick the right one for your needs. So without further ado, here are the three best under bikes in Amazon.

DeskCycle Under Desk Exercise Bike and Pedal Exerciser

Main Characteristics

under desk exercise bike
Image Credit: Amazon.com

The Desk-Cycle Pedal Exerciser is great for getting rid of calories and dropping a few pounds while you’re4 working. It stands only 10 inches high so it will easily fit under your desk and still give you enough room to pedal the 3.5 inch pedal arms. Even though the arms are short, it still has enough power. You can choose from 8 different resistance settings. This under bike also comes with a little computer that can be moved up to your desk so you can see the speed, time, calories burned and distance stats. Best of all, you can even use a free online calorie calculator so you can get a more accurate calculation of the calories burned.


The Desk-Cycle under bike’s most redeeming feature is its low profile design. It is considered the smallest pedal exerciser at only 10 inches in height. The manufacturer claims that this machine can be used under a desk even with as little as 27 inches of clearance. As mentioned above, it has a compact design due to the 3.5 inch pedal arm length and the small 3 lb flywheel. Although the Desk-Cycle is quite small, it doesn’t lose any of its power. It can putting out a 39 lb effective flywheel weight.


This warranty of this under bike covers US customers only. Outside of the US, the warranty will depend on your local retailer. The manufacturer, 3D Innovations warrants the Desk-Cycle and accessories against defects in material or workmanship for a full year. All parts are covered under this warranty. All labour is covered under this warranty. In most cases, a local bike shop can perform the repairs and the labour charge is reimbursed to the customer.


Even though the Desk-Cycle is one of the more expensive pedal exercisers, it will still provide great value for your money. That’s because of the overall design and function of this under bike. It is a quality piece of exercise equipment and if you can use it at work to burn off those extra slices of pizza, that makes it even better.

Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

Main Characteristics

Eliptical trainer under desk exercise bike
Image Credit: Amazon.com

Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer is an under bike that is very convenient and versatile. It is a budget-friendly machine that can be used easily even while you are standing, or sitting. You can even pedal in reverse-motion. It is perfect while you are watching television or even working at the office. Best of all, you can easily carry this elliptical machine for exercise. It features a multi-functional fitness monitor so you can track your improvement easily. The monitor will be able to track workout time, total strides, strides per minute, and calories burned.


The Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer is a very simple machine that consists of a set of foot pedals attached to a tiny steel base. It is designed so that your feet will remain in the foot pedals throughout the workout and circulate in a smooth and seamless motion. Thus, there will be little impact on your knees, your back and your hips. Its frame is also small enough to store under a desk or in a closet. The unit only weighs 24 pounds and its dimensions are 24 inches by 20 inches by 12 inches.

At first glance, you will really see that it is compact and lightweight. This under bike also has an electronic display that will track the number of strides, time, and calories burned. It will be able to continuously scan all your stats so that you can easily monitor your progress every workout session.

The base of the Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer is where the non-slip pedals are attached. It has an Adjustable Resistance Control so you can choose the intensity of your workout. What’s unique about the foot pedals is that can be worked in a forward or reverse direction to target your lower body in different ways.


The Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer has a 1-year warrant for the frame and 90 days for the parts. Stamina Products Inc. warrants their products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of the original purchase from an authorized retailer. In the event that a product becomes defective, you can contact them by phone at 1-800-375-7520 or send a written notification to the address listed on the Contact Us page of their website.


The Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer is a durable compact trainer that can be used easily while you are standing, sitting, or by reverse-motion pedalling. It has a fitness meter that will help track and display the duration of your workouts. Plus, it also shows the number of calories you have burned. Even though there are some complaints about its jerky and short motion, most of the users have given favourable reactions towards this device. If you check Amazon, it has achieved a 4.0-star rating out of 5.0. So for those who are looking for a way to exercise during certain tasks at a desk for a reasonable price, then the Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer is a great choice.

Drive Medical Folding Exercise Peddler

Main Characteristics

Drive medical under desk exercise bike
Image Credit: Amazon.com

The Drive Medical Folding Exercise Peddler is one of the best under bikes in the market. The reason for this is, when it comes to helping you increase your mobility and circulation as well as the strengthening of your legs and arms, this under bike will be able to deliver. All these benefits can greatly boost your overall health and independence even when you work on a desk eight hours a day.

It is considered as a leading edge exercise machine because it is sturdy yet light-weight and comes complete with an attached display. The Folding Exercise Peddler can monitor and record five different functions that will help you improve your overall health and well-being. Its display will include a scan feature that will monitor the calories you are burning, how long you’ve been exercising, and even your revolution count (rpm) per minute. Plus, it has another handy feature you’ll enjoy. It has the ability to time your workouts so you can track and measure your progress. The Drive Medical Folding Exercise Peddler will offer exceptional value because it is easy to fold up and take with you while you are travelling for pleasure, or on business.


The Drive Medical Folding Exercise Peddler with Electronic Display is designed to provide five function display that will indicates exercise time, revolution count, revolutions per minute and calories burned. The scan feature alternately displays all measurements automatically. This makes this under bike ideal for leg and arm muscle exercising. Additionally, it has four anti-slip rubber pads to prevent sliding and protect surfaces. The resistance can also be easily adjusted with a tension screw. Drive Medical designed this under bike with an attractive silver finish. As the name suggests, it has a completely assembled (so you won’t have to spend time setting it up) and foldable design.


The Drive Medical Folding Exercise Peddler with Electronic Display is warrantied to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product for the original consumer purchaser. This device was built to exacting standards and carefully inspected prior to shipment. It has a Lifetime Limited Warranty, which is an expression of the manufacturer’s confidence in the materials and workmanship of their products. It is also an assurance to the consumer of years of dependable service. This warranty will not cover device failure due to owner misuse or negligence, or normal wear and tear. It also does not extend to non-durable components, such as rubber accessories, casters, and grips, which are subject to normal wear and need periodic replacement.


If you are looking for a safe and gentle form of low-impact exercise that is ideal for leg and arm muscles and for stimulating circulation, then this under bike will serve your needs well. It has a five function display that will indicate exercise time, revolution count, revolutions per minute (rpm) and calories burned. It also has a scan feature that will display all measurements automatically. Plus, the four anti-slip rubber pads prevent sliding and will protect surfaces. It will provide excellent value for money and best of all, it has a limited lifetime warranty. What more can you ask for?

Choosing the best upright exercise bike

What is the best upright exercise bike?

What is the best upright exercise bike for you? There is no doubt that exercise of any sort is a good thing. Trying to fight the evils of fast food and sendentary lifestyles through exercise has become a big part of many peoples lives. Cycling for pleasure or perfomance, be it on the road, the trail, or in the gym will be one of the slightly less impactful of fitness regimes and is a great way to improve cardiovascular efficiency; and, if there is one thing we need to keep fit, then it’s our hearts.

Choosing the right or best upright exercise bike for you can be a bit of a daunting task with vast selection available on the market today. In this article we will show you the best upright exercise bike you can buy for under $500 and also for the short person. If you read on you will also find some interesting reviews on upright exercise bikes that will indeed help you in your selection.

Benefits of Cycling

They say that exercise is the best medicine and what better way to do it than out on your bike or inside your home on your trainer. Cycling is an aerobic sport and there are such benefits as :

  • Increased Heart stroke Volume, healthy heart and lungs
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Improved mental  and physical health
  • Aerobic exercise requires the burning of calories and fat giving the advantage of a slimmer you and a more toned body.
  • Lower blood pressure, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, improved immune function and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

A good exercise bike at home and you can avail of all these great benefits. Once you have decided on the best exercise bike for you there are no more excuses to get in great shape.

Best upright exercise bike under $500

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse Review

Staying in shape is an important factor for staying healthy. More so when you get older. The problem is, sometimes we get too busy that we don’t really have time to go to a gym and workout. But if there’s a will, there’s a way. In this case, exercising at home is the best solution. That way, you won’t have any excuse not to exercise. For this kind of situation, we recommend you get the best upright exercise bike under 500. For a first timer, we suggest you get the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse. Why? Read on to find out.

Main Characteristics

This upright bike offers a big workout in a small space. Its two main features are the “pulse” and “folding.” The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Bike will be able to monitor your heart rate using the sensors located in the handlebars. These sensors will allow you to stay in your cycling position while it monitors your pulse. It’s a very useful feature because it ensures that you are in your target heart zone. The best upright exercise bike under 500 has a computerized LCD panel that will show your pulse as well as other key performance metrics. You can also choose from eight different resistance settings, so you can add more intensity as needed. The other main feature of this upright bike is its ability to be folded. It’s a very handy feature because you can store it quickly. Upon folding, the size of the upright bike will be reduced to about ½ of its original footprint. It’s an excellent feature if you live in an apartment or a condo. 


This upright bike uses an x-frame which makes it strong and capable of supporting a 300 lb weight capacity. For an entry-level exercise bike, that’s pretty great, considering that it is the best upright exercise bike under 500. This bike also uses a belt, which is another good design innovation since it will cut back on the amount of maintenance that you’ll need to put in. For the uninitiated, belt-driven bikes are easier to maintain than other types. But probably the best design feature that the best upright bike under 500 offers is its foldability. As mentioned above, you can reduce the size of the bike for about ½ of its set up size by just folding it. That makes it easier to store away.


  • Foldable: Great for storing away after use
  • Belt driven: Durable and long lasting with less maintenance than alternative drive systems.
  • Has Wheels: Save your back by utilizing the built in wheels for moving the bike around the house.
  • Pulse monitor
  • Adjustable seat : Accommodates heights 5’3” -6’1”.

Pros and Cons


  • Very durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Space saving
  • Very ergonomic
  • Very quiet


  • Not designed for intense workouts


The Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse is the best upright exercise bike under 500. It’s a great entry-level exercise bike for anyone looking to do casual workouts at home. Its ability to monitor your pulse rate is a great addition because it allows you to exercise at the right pace. That way, you will be more efficient and productive (so to speak). Plus, its foldable feature allows you to store the upright bike inside a closet if you are not using it. For people living in apartments or condos, that is a very welcome feature because of the limited space.

Lastly, this entry-level exercise bike will last a long time. You won’t break the bank if you choose to invest in the best upright exercise bike under 500. These three features are what makes this upright bike an ideal first exercise bike.



Whether your goal is to increase cardio or lose weight indoors this is the best upright exercise bike for you. The bike is also very quiet so you can workout and still be able to hear the TV and not annoy any of the other house occupants. With 8 resistance settings the number of workout intensities are endless from high intensity intervals to low intensity recovery rides the exerpeutic is the best upright exercise bike available in today’s market.

Best upright exercise bike for the short person?

The marcy is the best upright exercise bike for short person hands down. The marcy is an outstanding overall exercise bike and can accommodate people of less than 5 foot tall. There are even reports that this exercise bike can even accommodate a child that is just under 4 foot and a fully grown adult of 6 ft 4 “‘s.  In my opinion this is the best exercise bike for the short person and at a great price of around $125 on amazon you cant go wrong.

This upright exercise bike has all the best features such as:

  • LCD Screen – Displaying distance, speed, time and calories burned
  • Adjustable seat
  • Counterbalanced pedals
  • Magnetic resistance with 8 levels
  • Strong and sturdy design

This wide range on the saddle height of the marcy is the best of any upright exercise bike out there. You can see from the photo the long telescopic like saddle pole that can be adjusted for a very wide range of sizes. It will allow the user to accurately fit themselves to the bike even if they are very tall or very small. When choosing the best upright exercise bike for the short person it is important that you are not stretching for the pedals and strain injuries can occur. I can assure you that this the marcy is the best upright exercise bike for your needs at a low low cost.

The marcy upright exercise bike comes with a 2 year limited manufactures warranty.

Forum link for further info on the best upright exercise bike


Whether you want to increase your cardio, burn calories or lose fat, having an indoor exercise bike will allow you to maximize these benefits in your own home. If your on a budget under $500 or your a short person it does not matter there is always an exercise bike for you.

At the end of the day it comes down to cost and ergonomics. Can you afford to pay for it and is it easy to use. Both upright exercise bikes above have some of the best reviews of all there competitors. If your looking for a hard workout or an easy recovery ride then these are our best upright exercise bikes for you. With excellent quality these exercise bikes will stand the test of time with their durable design.