A Guide To Women’s Carbon Hybrid Bike

Owning a bike is one of the most practical investments that a woman can do. Not only will it help you get to places in the city you want to go, but it will also help you stay in shape. In today’s world, being healthy has become a priority with all the health issues that a person can get. So, instead of driving a car, getting to the places you want to go by riding a bike can be very beneficial.

Buying a bike can be just like shopping for a car. You need to know your stuff. You have to learn the specs of each bike and understand the differences. Bikes are not made equal. Some are made for specific purposes and each part serves a purpose. Let’s say for example, the bike’s frame. The frame of a bike can be made from different kinds of materials, like carbon, aluminium or other hybrid metals. But what’s the difference? Well, let’s talk about that so you can get a good grip on which one to go for.

Carbon Frame Bikes

There are bikes that have frames made of carbon. You can find this much-coveted material in pencils, diamonds and of course, bicycles. This immensely strong, incredibly lightweight and stiff material is a very ideal material to build bikes with. And with engineering technology advancing in leaps and bounds, this type of bike from can now be enjoyed even by non-professional bikers. What makes carbon frame bikes great is it shaves grams off your bike weight. This is the most important benefit that a carbon frame bike provides. This kind of carbon technology means they that you can adapt the way carbon fibers are layered and woven to alter the stiffness, compliance and shape to produce the bikes suited for sportives, time trialing or even endurance biking.

The thing is though, not all carbon are created equal however and carbon frames that are on the lower price range are likely to be made from lower grade carbon fibers compared to the more expensive ones that you have to sell a body organ just to buy one. And of course the bike frame is just part of the equation of getting the perfect bike. You also have to consider quality wheels, gears, brakes and finishing kit. So even though you have a lightweight and strong frame, you might still want to upgrade parts sooner or later.

Other Alternatives

The beauty about technology is that it keeps improving. As years go by, improvements are being done to further advance the performance of something, bikes are not excluded from this list. As Forbes stated, Carbon has been the go-to frame material for over a decade. That’s because carbon has properties that are very important frame construction. Carbon very light which makes it very crucial whenever you’re riding uphill. It can also be aerodynamically sculpted, therefore it becomes more vital the faster you go. Carbon is also excellent as a bike frame material because it can be manipulated to balance the stiffness and flexibility of the frame. The reason why stiff frames are favored by cyclists is because it doesn’t absorb much energy thereby allowing the cyclist to maximize the degree to which they produce power in order to move the bike forward. These compliant frames are flexible and will soak up energy so that less of the vibration from a rough road surface is transferred to the rider’s body.

Carbon Fibre Drawbacks

carbon frame

But the thing with carbon is that it comes with drawbacks. One such drawback is that it’s brittle, so it can break easily. Plus, damage may not be visible because of the way these carbon fiber bikes are constructed. Carbon fiber frames and components are made by bonding plies of carbon fiber with epoxy resin. These internal layers or the bonds between layers, can be broken without any visible damage if the outer layer is unbroken. On the outside, you will see an unblemished frame, but in reality, it is weakened frame and can fail catastrophically at unexpected moments. And as you already know, frames or components that break without warning can be very dangerous.

The Hybrid

Thus was born the hybrid. Seeing that carbon fiber frames can fail at any given moment, manufacturers sought to look for an alternative. Up until the past couple of years, the ability to shape tubing to achieve a desired level of stiffness has been one of the major advantages of carbon fiber over traditional oval-shaped aluminum tubes. Aluminum has come a long way mainly because of advances in hydroforming technology. This allowed for more unique tube shapes to rival even those of a carbon frame. This new procedure called triple hydroformed process, allows tubes to be reshaped after they are welded together.  This process will result in greater stiffness with less material. This will significantly lighten the overall frame weight as a result.  Hydroforming will also enable a unique chainstay and seat stay shape that can tune out high frequency road vibration, thus minimizing the buzz traveling to the seatpost.  Pair it with a carbon fiber fork, today’s aluminum road bike can rival the compliance of steel or carbon bikes on long rides.

hybrid bike

There are also several new approaches using hybrid composites that show promise of increasing safety with minimal decrements in the features that make carbon fiber so highly valued in the bike industry. These hybrid composites blend carbon fiber with another material like plastic or steel in the same ply. These hybrid composites can be shaped for aerodynamics and they don’t increase weight. However, they all involve some loss of stiffness.

In short, you can find the comfort, performance and reliability in hybrid frames too and not just from carbon fiber frames. Carbon fibre is not needed in my humble opinion unless of course performance is key such as competition etc..

For The Casual Biker

All this talk about performance might overwhelm someone who is a casual bike rider. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too. If you’re looking for a cruiser bike that you can use just to ride around the neighborhood, you can go for the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle. This versatile women’s hybrid cruiser bicycle with 17.5-inch swooping step-through aluminum frame is perfect for cruising, leisure and commute rides. It has an upright riding style that keeps your back and shoulders comfortable. Plus, it has a foot-forward design that helps maintain proper leg extension.

womens hybrid bike

This women’s cruiser bike has high gloss chrome components and a frame with a glistening sheen. The great thing about this bike is you can choose from four different models. You can choose the single-speed model for cruising around the neighborhood and easy-going rides on flat terrain. If you need to climb hills or want to cover more miles, the 3-speed and 7-speed models will get you to your destination with style and grace. The 21-speed model on the other hand, will help you tackle demanding street, trail, long distance, and uphill riding. This bike can accommodate riders from 5 feet to 6 feet, 4 inches tall because of its frame geometry. So if you are looking for maximum comfort, the sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle is an excellent choice.


When looking for a bike, one of the most important factors is to know what the frame is made of. Carbon fiber frames are proven reliable types that you can’t go wrong with. But there are also viable options that will do just as well as carbon fiber frames. There are aluminum frames and carbon hybrid frames that are excellent choices. Regardless of which one you choose though, one thing stays the same. Choose a brand or manufacturer that is renowned for its bike. As they say, you get what you pay for. Brands like sixthreezero are a good start if you are looking for carbon hybrid bikes.

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